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Old Nehalem Road (Travis Champ)

September 18, 2010

Old Nehalem Road was a surprise I’m glad I found. I went back to the same bookstore where I found Salt, and lo and behold, there was this slim volume hand printed on a 100-year-old printing press. I couldn’t resist. My love of textures and all things archaic overcame me, and I ended up with (gasp) my second volume of poetry in two days. The clerk at the Cloud & Leaf Bookstore told me that the poems in this collection were very obviously penned by a man…a sentiment I found to be true, but not in any way I could have predicted. There were no stereotypical tool references or preoccupations with sex. Instead, there was just something about Champ’s voice that seem inherently male. Can I explain myself a little more clearly than that? ‘fraid not. Nope, you’ll have to make do with the vague and potentially off-color remarks that I’ve provided you with. Don’t like that option? Then get yourself out to Oregon and get one of these books for yourself — it’s a great read, and one you’re likely to enjoy.

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