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Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)

February 21, 2011

Mike and I went to Borders this weekend, since the two “local” Borders stores are closing (and we still had $30 in gift certificates to spend). So what did I find? I found a beautifully illustrated collection of comics published by Marvel in 2010 — a collection of comics based on the original L. Frank Baum story. Not only did I end up reading this thing in only a matter of hours, but I also fell in love with the illustrations. I’ve included a few here so you can see how beautiful they are. I especially love the Cowardly Lion, who is just so cute and well-drawn.

Having never read the original stories before, this was a very interesting experience. Glinda the Good Witch is hardly as prominent here as she is in the movie, the Tin Man has a really interesting back story explaining how he became made-of-tin, and there’s a land full of people and animals made of china (yes, you heard me: porcelain people). I think I’ll have to read the original work soon so I can see how true to the original this graphic novel is.

I’d highly recommend you give this a read-through if you enjoy beautiful illustrations. I’ll admit the Scarecrow reminds me vaguely of the villain in Batman Begins, but he’s cute enough that the creepy feeling doesn’t stick around. Some of my absolute favorites don’t get a whole lot of page time: Dorothy’s uncle, Toto, and the gatekeeper at the Emerald City. Of course, some of my film favorites didn’t make the cut: the color-changing horse, the full munchkin community, and Glinda the Good Witch in her beautiful sparkly splendor.

So here are some clips to tide you over until you can give it a whirl for yourself:

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